I can test the intelligence of your child with the (Dutch!) test WISC-V-NL (for 6-16 year old children). This is the newest version of the test that is most used and has the best norms in the Netherlands.

Sometimes there is a suspicion that a higher or lower intelligence level contributes to the problems of your child. A WISC test can confirm or disprove this.

A general intelligence level as well as five index scores can be derived from the WISC-V. The indexes that are tested are Verbal Comprehension, Visual Spatial, Fluid Reasoning, Working Memory and Processing Speed. You get a better understanding of the strong qualities of your child and in which areas your child needs extra guidance.

As a child therapist, I look further than just the scores. I make sure the child feels safe and can concentrate during the test. In the report I always add a part with advice for parents and/or school. The school often has better eye for your child's needs after a test.

The costs for intake, test (about 2,5 hours), report and advisory meeting are 500 euros in total (including BTW). This is unfortunately not covered by insurance.